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To defy what is deeply-rooted in our society is the least favourable thing to do for a thesis in my opinion. But maybe that’s the reason why my lecturers chose this topic rather than the other 2 options that I presented.

UNMILK is a social campaign to promote the idea of ‘bad fluid’ to young generations since they are heavy Internet users (I still hope it would go viral). It’s there to ‘re-tell’ the ‘milk tale’. To reverse the paradigm of milk, as how television advertisements, our teachers at school, and of course, mom, have described it as a perfect food that is safe to consume in daily basis. Which is in fact, not.

It was quite challenging though besides that I’m actually an avid milk lover, it required a lot of research effort in order to make it as a reliable and usable information to refer to. Enough to convince people around me that I was undertaking a Nutrition thesis instead of Graphic Design *chuckles.*

The concept for this campaign website is ‘storytelling’ by using horizontal scrolling technique, revealing the truth one by one.

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unmilk-logoUNMILK - Website Chapter 1UNMILK - Site Interaction UNMILK - Website Chapter 2 UNMILK - Website Chapter 3 UNMILK - Website Chapter 4 UNMILK - Website Chapter 5UNMILK - Brochure (Outside) UNMILK - Brochure (Inside)UNMILK - TeesUNMILK - Teaser (White on Black)