About AIG
AIG is a leading general insurance provider based in Singapore, offering a wide range of products including Auto, Home, Travel, Personal Accident, Professional Liability, Employer Liability, Marine Cargo, and Small Business insurance, among others.
The Project
At that time, AIG already had a mobile app utilizing webview behavior. However, this approach led to several issues related to usability, lack of a native app experience, subpar execution of UI elements, and a non-optimized tablet version. Additionally, the app failed to align with AIG's corporate identity. 
Consequently, we were tasked with redesigning the app, including the tablet version, as a native app, with the aim of enhancing both the design and user experience compared to the previous iteration.
Our primary objective was to create a more user-friendly app, achieving the following goals:
▪ Redesigning the app to align with AIG's corporate branding
▪ Enhancing navigation to deliver a native-app experience
▪ Enhancing signifiers and affordances for improved usability
▪ Improving readability through increased contrast and proximity between UI elements such as headings, paragraphs, and buttons
▪ Creating a more intuitive product layout, enabling customers to easily compare between different insurance plans.
The Team
UX Designer: Clara Prayogo
UI Designer: Visien Vinesa (Myself)
Status: Design and development finished.

Google Play Store
| Apple App Store

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